The Churrasco Experience

A modern yet authentic interpretation of Southern Brazil’s centuries-old gaucho heritage complete with perfectly seasoned meats and other delectable offerings.

Churrasco voiced as ‘shoe-RHAS’-ko’, embodies the Gaucho’s culinary artistry. Originating from the expansive Pampas, Gauchos kindled flames, transforming them into embers over which they perfectly masterfully roasted skewered meat cuts.

At GAUCHO URBANO, we blend contemporary flair with the deep-rooted traditions of Southern Brazil’s gaucho legacy. Dive into a mosaic of flavors with our Gaucho chefs presenting sixteen distinct meat cuts – from tender beef to savory lamb. Elevate your feast with our generous Harvest bar and the Chef’s Table, enriched with over 30 gourmet choices and endless accompanying sides.

Your dining rhythm is at your fingertips with our dual-colored coaster card. Green beckons the feast to flow while red gently halts it. To immerse again, flip to green.

Conclude your culinary journey on a high note with our curated wine assortment, tantalizing cocktails – highlighting the iconic Brazilian caipirinha – and a spectrum of sumptuous desserts paired with aromatic coffees.